Birds of the Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Trekking Services are very keen in conservation of wildlife and the environment We hope to undertake research to gather information, photograph, and identify areas of species with sound bites of various animals, birds and frogs then set up a comprehensive webpage in an effort to bring attention to the environment and unique species found in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda. Uganda Wildlife Authority is making every effort to control poaching but are marred by the lack of manpower and finances however they are making positive gains in not only patrolling the newly opened area of the Kilembe Trails but in holding meeting throughout the communities surrounding the National Park and sensitizing the people on the value of conserving the National Park.

A list of birds known to occur above the level of the Montane Forest (above 2,500m) in total there is 195 species of birds in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Black duck- Anas sparsa leucostigma

Verreaux’s eagle- Aquila verreauxi

Lanner Falcon- Falco biarricus abyssinicus

Rufous sparrow hawk- Accipter rufoventirs

African Lammergeyer- Gypaetus barbatus meridionalis

Mountain Buzzard- Buteo oreophilus

Ruwenzori handsome francolin- Francolinus nobilis chapini

Olive pigeon- Columba arquatrix

Western lemon dove- Aplopelia simplex jacksoni

Black-billed Turaco- Tauraco schuetti emini

Johnston’s Ruwenzori Turaco- Ruwenzorornis johnstoni johnstoni

Ruwenzori Nightjar- Caprimuglus ruwenzorii

Alpine swift- Apus Melba maximus

Olive woodpecker- Mesopicos griseocephalus ruwenzori

Ruwenzori Hill Babbler- Pseudoalcippe abyssinicus atriceps

Mountain Illadopis- Malacocincla pyrrhopterus

Olive-breasted Mountain Greenbul- Arizelocichla tephrolaema kikuensis

Toro Olive Greenbul- Phyllastrephus hypochloris

Dusky Flycatcher- Alseonax adustus pumilus

Mountain Yellow flycatcher- Chloropeta similes

Ruwenzori Puffback Flycatcher- Batis diops rwenzorii

White-tailed Crested Flycatcher- Trochocercus albonotatus

Ruwenzori Olive Thrush- Turdus olivaceus baraka

Abyssinian Ground Thrush- Geokicha piaggiae

Mountain Chat- Pinarocha sordida

Archer’s Robin Chat- Cossypha archeri

Red-throated Alethe- Alethe poliophrys

Ruwenzori White-starred Bush Robin- Pogonocichla stellata ruwenzori

Ruwenzori Brown Woodland Warbler- Seicercus umbrovirens alpinus

Red-faced woodland warbler- Seicercus laetus

Bamboo warbler- Bradypterus alfredi albicrissalis

Cinammon Scrub Warbler- Sathrocercus cinammoneus

Collared Apalis- Apalis ruwenzorii ruwenzorii

East African Grey Cuckoo Shrike- Coracina caesia pura

Black rough-wing swallow- Psalidoprocne holomelaena ruwenzorii

Mountain Sooty Boubou- Laniarius poensis holomelas

Lagden’s Bush Shrike- Malaconatus lagdeni

Stripe-breasted Tit- Parus fusciiventer

White Necked Raven- Corcultur albicollis

Slender-billed Chestnut-winged Starling- Onychognathus tenuirostris

Green White-eye- Zosterops virens stuhlmanni

Scarlet-tufted Malachite (Dartmouth) Sunbird- Nectarinia johnstoni dartmouthi

Ruwenzori Double-collared Sunbird- Cinnyris after stuhlmanni

Regal Sunbird- Cinnyris regius regius

Strange Weaver- Hyphanturgus alienus

Shelley’s Crimson Wing- Cryptospiza shelleyi

Ruwenzori streaky Seed-eater- Serinus striolatus graueri

Kivu Grosbeask Seed-eater- Poliospiza burton tanganyikae




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